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Complete services for your business

  • Advice and guidance for public and private companies.
  •  Publishing and scientific activity, training courses.
  • Financial advice to public and private companies.
  •  Consultancy for social and environmental impact assessment.
  • Establishment of benefit companies and advice on corporate social responsibility!
  •  Advice and help in the management of company growth and in the generational transition

Business consultancy 

IEL SRL makes available to customers the experience of professionals who have always been dedicated to management consultancy carried out in favor of private and public companies. The constant change in world economic conditions, global competition, internationalization, the computerization of processes, are phenomena that oblige companies and public bodies to have the tools and techniques of business management that are unlikely to be the prerogative of the entrepreneur or of the management. The firm provides clients with a management consulting service, which, starting from the analysis of the existing context, is able, through a process of reorganization or optimization of procedures, to ensure solutions with the consent and participation of the management and its staff. operational ad hoc, consultancy in the achievement of objectives and timely and continuous assistance to improve performance. The management consultancy activities that the firm can provide can be summarized as follows: - strategic consultancy, implementation of business plans; - marketing consultancy; - management consultancy to companies and public bodies; - personnel training and organization; - accounting systems analytics, management control, budgeting; - financial consultancy for investment decisions; - subsidized finance; - implementation of mergers, demergers, transformations; - company organization; - company restructuring; - company valuation; - balance sheet analysis. The Firm avails itself of the work of technical consultants and qualified managers and university teachers, who have been operating for years in the management consulting market.

Tax consultancy 

IEL SRL è in grado di fornire assistenza e consulenza in:- pianificazione fiscale;- diritto tributario nazionale;- diritto tributario internazionale;- pareri fiscali;- credito di imposta in ricerca e sviluppo;- pratiche di patent box;- operazioni straordinarie;- transfer pricing;- contenzioso tributario.Lo Studio è in grado di offrire ai clienti che hanno una dimensione e una organizzazione di maggior rilievo un servizio di assistenza e consulenza che garantisce la presenza continuativa di professionisti direttamente presso i propri uffici.L'assistenza riguarda anche il controllo periodico dell'attività fiscale e contabile e degli adempimenti giuridici in genere;

Legal advice 

IEL SRL assists domestic and foreign clients in the phase of stipulating commercial contracts and legal agreements of all kinds. The Firm also carries out: - corporate consultancy for the implementation of mergers, demergers, launching new business ventures; - legal risk assessment consultancy in business acquisition and sale transactions; - legal consultancy for banks and insurance companies to settle and resolve the litigation phases; - consultancy and assistance in insolvency procedures; - consultancy to public bodies for professional training, for the evaluation of the creation of mixed companies, for the outsourcing and contracting of services to private companies. - legal advice and assistance in administrative law; - consultancy in environmental law and economics; - consultancy and assistance in real estate and securities executions; - advice and assistance in community and international law.

International Law

The processes of globalization and integration of international markets require the practice and knowledge of international law. Our firm has correspondents in the USA, Asia and major European countries in order to guarantee its clients a timely solution to the following operations: - development of international partnerships; - management of foreign companies; - contracts and commercial relationships with foreign companies; - management on behalf of foreign companies of economic and legal relations in Italy.

Corporate consultancy 

IEL SRL can assist its clients, also thanks to the fruitful collaboration of expert notaries, in the most important corporate transactions, including: - company formation operations; - extraordinary transactions; - issuance of mini bonds; - crowdfunding operations; - management of organizational systems and 231/2001 models.