Leadership for sustainable business


DAL SITO GRI. As the world moves on from the recent COP26 climate summit, where do the responsibilities lie when it comes to the urgent need to implement solutions in support of the net-zero emissions future?

New research finds that many CEOs are united in a belief that sustainability is an immediate priority, yet they are also concerned by a lack of clarity from policymakers on how their actions can be aligned with the 1.5 degrees pathway. Chief Regional Officer Ásthildur Hjaltadóttir reflecting on these findings and the outcome of a recent event hosted by GRI ASEAN on the role of CEOs in shaping sustainable business, in an article on Medium:

CEOs must lead from the top in the sustainability transition

The hugely influential position of CEOs in determining business strategy means that they can be among the most effective activists for sustainability, guiding their organizations to quicken the pace of change. And even if government commitments on climate change fall short, there is an obligation for business leaders to act."

Ásthildur Hjaltadóttir

Leading from the top: the indispensable role of CEOs in sustainability was the third instalment of the GRI Expert Series: Building Leadership for Sustainable Business. Places can be booked now for the next webinar, on 19 January, which explores the emergence of sustainable human resources management.