Progress on sustainability standard for mining


DAL SITO GLOBALREPORT.ORG. Multi-stakeholder group to develop new Sector Standard

The members of the expert project group to lead the work on creating a new GRI Sector Standard that addresses the impacts of organizations in the mining sector has been confirmed.

As announced in September 2021, mining is the next sector for which GRI is developing a reporting standard. Mining has been prioritized based on its wide-ranging impacts - such as intensive water use, ecosystem disruption and air and soil pollution, which in turn can have major consequences for the wellbeing of local communities. The sector also has an important enabling role in the low-carbon transition, providing access to the minerals needed in renewable energy technology.

The 20-member working group covers business enterprise, civil society, investment institutions, labor organizations and mediating institutions - representing Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe and Oceania.

As a new addition to the GRI family, Sector Standards will help organizations to increase their transparency and accountability for the issues that matter most, driving targeted action to address impacts on the economy, the environment and people. For mining, this is centered around impacts derived from the exploration and extraction of minerals. I am delighted that we have been able to appoint such a high-caliber working group, which includes active participation from businesses as well as international organizations and other standard setters. I am confident it will provide the expert and multi-stakeholder insights needed to deliver a Mining Sector Standard that reflects global best practice for reporting by any company with mining and quarrying related operations."